About ASIS

With its two companies headquartered in Seoul – ASIS Korea, and Hanoi – ASIS Vietnam, ASIS aspires to bridge the World to South East Asia and open up South East Asia to the World through our partnership, joint ventures and various agreements with world’s leading companies in the Pharmaceutical & Cosmeceutical industry.

We are a local leader in pharmaceutical, medical device and consumer care company committed to meeting the pressing needs of H&B solutions in Vietnam and South East Asia. With a unique distribution and marketing network as well as a wholesale organization the company the group is uniquely positioned to serve the growing needs of the local and regional market.

Doing Good means Being Good

At ASIS, we believe that the reasons behind human existence is to go through the arena we call “life” to become higher human beings through finding our true self and self-correction by nurturing the goodness in human nature. We want to achieve this by providing care for others, creating vibrant and healthy communities and finding peace in what we do.

From a business perspective we believe in order to do good, we have to be good. That’s why we have chosen the mission of our company to care for patients, putting people’s wellbeing first and making the local healthcare & beauty sector progress forward, with increased transparency, innovation, improved access and affordability for holistic wellness in both mind and body, and both inner and outer beauty.

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With global healthcare & self-care spending rising, it will likely present many opportunities for the sector as well as uncertainties. Among these drivers are a growing and aging population, worse environmental issues including heavy pollution, poor health maintenance due to modern living, rising prevalence of chronic diseases, infrastructure investments, technological advancements, innovative care models, and the expansion of health-care & self-care systems in developing markets. Healthcare and Consumer care systems need to work toward a future in which the collective focus shifts away from treatment, to prevention and early intervention.

The rise of novel  medicine

The modern world has given rise to a whole new series of diseases and viruses, apart from acute pandemics such as the COVID-19, there are also the silent killers that weigh down on our population in the form of chronic diseases that the modern human has to suffer from, because of life choices and urban life style. This pushes consumers to adopt a more holistic (360 degree) approach to their health and self-care (exercise, dieting, OTC products, alternative medicine, natural products, dietary supplements as well as prescription medication and more chemically sophisticated self-care products). Rapid change and unprecedented opportunity are now the hallmarks of the biopharmaceutical industry. The boundaries of areas left for researchers to explore constantly expand, while possible applications of new technologies proliferate. Novel ingredients are researched, and now can flourish thanks to advancement in genetics, biotech research etc. giving birth to a whole new generation of pharmaceutical / cosmeceutical solutions.

New Age development

Thus, the H&B business has seen a shift in the New Age development of both pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical solutions where:
1. New Novel ingredients are researched and developed into contemporary products
2. Nature-base ingredients prove to be efficient and safe with novel Biotechnology compared to synthetic medicine & beauty solutions
3. Patient-centric health systems are developed putting the patient at the center of the industry & personalized products will be on the rise as we find better ways to service each person’s distinct need instead of “one-size fit all” strategy
4. Holistic Treatment approach will be more popular as it targets the source, while contemporary functional medicine is often only treating symptoms, medical treatment that targets a root cause is more likely to be successful in the long term, rather than the short-term intervention methods.

Outlook for the future

The more technologically advanced our Biotech and Pharmaceutical industry becomes, the more it comes back to traditional values – understanding human need, distinct characteristics of individuals, and applying sustainable, holistic remedy whether it is used for Medicine or Beauty products. However, contemporary science has found a way to perfect the safety, production, and crack open difficult genetic, medicinal problems we couldn’t before. As companies are upgrading their modalities, formulation, core technology and active ingredients – this opens up a whole new world, and market for H&B.

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ASIS was initially formed in the early 2018, when the world was at the verge of being hit by COVID-19. The two founders – Mr. Ko Taekyung (an Korean expert in pharmaceutical business development) and Ms. Nikki Nguyen (a Vietnamese investment specialist and economist expat) were discussing possibilities of starting business in Vietnam – as this country just surpassed its 2.500$ GNI milestone, and still kept the leading positioning in the top growing countries in the world. At this time, Vietnam was considered the most prosperous land for international trade and investment.

Thousands of foreign businesses, most dominantly Korean businesses, have flooded the country in the previous decade and the number was still growing. After months of market research, the two have found that despite the fancy economic outlook of urban cities, the 100mil population country still lacks basic necessities, in both medicine, health and everyday consumption. The unity of the two entrepreneurs with different nationalities, language and professional background but sharing the same vision, set the stone for the establishment of ASIS – a formation of two companies one located in Seoul, Korea, and one in Hanoi, Vietnam with the hope to bring top Pharmaceutical and Cosmeceutical products to Vietnam and the South East Asian region that is still an untapped land of opportunity.

In 2018, ASIS founder – Mr.Ko Taekyung visited Vietnam for the first time, researching market readiness and current status for healthcare and medicine industry in Hanoi, with the hope to bring top Korean pharmaceutical products into Vietnam. He was assisted by Ms. Nikki Nguyen who at the time was carrying out a large-scale development project for culturing and manufacturing botanical and plant-base ingredients for the pharmaceutical industry.

Together, they realized that Vietnam has the large population with huge demand and shortage of high quality health-care solutions (both in medicine, equipment, infrastructure, personnel etc.) that makes it an attractive market for medicine license-in and import; at the same time, they realized that the largest pharmaceutical companies are offshoring and outsourcing their production into emerging economies (API production to China and India; R&D outsourced to Japan and Korea etc.) while Vietnam has the environmental, cost and labor force advantage but lacks the know-how and technology.

This gave birth to the initial idea for ASIS – bringing top quality OTC, ETC drugs to a 100 million population in need of better healthcare, self-care, while investing in future production and sourcing of material for contemporary medicine from the local communities.

The new generation of Vietnamese urban dwellers, office workers that were non-existent in the previous decades, taught themselves how to earn money, consume, shop, and indulge. They are savvy internet users, with rising income and spending power but could only get their information in titbits by searching online and had to order both their luxuries as well as necessities from abroad. In the busy streets of Hanoi, during rush hour, millions of people get stuck in the traffic, with Lamborghinis parked next to rusty scooters – it represented the current economic situation where the wealth gap, rapid development created a chimera of opportunity, economic anarchy and a chaotic market. Asis founders realized that, these turbulent times are the most promising time for any business to flourish if one can successfully understand and deliver value to this new class of population. And that Vietnam just represents one of many emerging markets that share the same traits and potential – the mysterious South East Asian market.


In 2019, as the technology project they have been researching yields success in the academic world and being applied in pharmaceuticals – the Inter-cell Therapeutics technology allows active ingredients in drugs to be absorbed faster, and at higher rate into human cells. ASIS was still working on its pharmaceutical product portfolio – new generation of anti-biotics and fast Covid-19 test kits etc., a new project came to life, where this ICT technology gave birth to the first Cosmeceutical brand applying this technology into skincare, allowing ingredients that were never before successfully adopted in cosmeceuticals to be absorbed into human skin. These regenerative and repair actives enable to fix dermatology issues and regenerate the skin to its most youthful and beautiful state. This promises a new world for the pharma industry as well as the cosmetic realm. Moreover, this country’s large population and desire for entrepreneurship and lack of commercial infrastructure, and distribution channels opens a window of opportunity for concepts such as – direct selling, micro selling, social sellers etc. that allows the formation of a new way of experiencing and shopping for beauty products, giving birth to ASIS Beauty as well as the cosmeceutical brand – Estime.


In the same year, the world was hit by COVID-19 with countries such as Korea and Vietnam going through their first wave of pandemic, and later struggling to combat the second wave in 2020. The shortage for Test Kits, PPE (professional protective equipment – including common health face masks, surgical masks, N95 respirators, surgical gowns and surgical gloves etc.) fueled a “gold rush” into Vietnam as the largest supplier prior to COVID-19, China, can no longer provide the products to many countries. In a situation where buyers cannot go to manufacturing site, verify the production facilities and negotiate commerce; international institutions, state agencies and commercial buyers had no choice but to find a reliable partner that can supply products based on quality based products, transparent disclosure and help them source for quality manufacturers. Strategically located in Seoul, Korea where most buyers come to source for PPE and Test kits – ASIS Korea was able to help bridge buyers to the trustworthy manufacturing facilities in Vietnam during the pandemic and Asis Vietnam successfully started ventures with local brands and manufacturers with real capacity, state-of-the-art technology and equipment, that can provide international standard PPE products (verified with FDA, CE, ISO, NIOSH, Bureau Veritas etc.) as authorized agent and exclusive distributor of PPE manufacturers from Vietnam during the crisis with currently active global exporting references.


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We have lived, and worked in both of the worlds (East & West) and see the great things of both worlds – the mystic Asia with countless opportunities for growth, profound knowledge and insights that took thousands of years to accumulate as well as the modern world with impressive innovation and constant development, market maturity, professionalism and technological sophistication. We want to create an opportunity for betterment to our people, bringing medicine, healthcare solution, and beauty products to the people that need it and lack it; business opportunity for locals with motivation, and a good intention; leverage for brands and partners that want to find a truly safe, efficient go-to-market strategy. In turn, we can achieve our own mission and goals by providing for and nurturing others.

By providing a never-ending flow of the most high-tech, novel, innovative and safe products in beauty & healthcare through a strong, healthy and sustainable local distribution network, ASIS wants to be able to become the number 1 H&B, healthcare solution provider in Vietnam and eventually extend reach to South East Asia as well as Asian countries in general with its easily scalable and sustainable business model.







Making high quality healthcare and self-care product accessible to the people who need it through:

– Constant R&D and innovation

– Maintaining a rich, sustainable Product pipeline development

– Sourcing and Licensing-in Pharmaceutical as well as Cosmeceutical products

Helping local communities, creating vibrant lives and providing business opportunities for local people through:

– Build our own local distribution network

– Nurturing entrepreneurship through sharing business opportunity, startup incubation, training and transfer of know-how

– Transforming ancient wisdom, leverage local climate, environment, production capability into high-value contemporary products


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Distributor agreement

Asis Korea Founder

Chairwoman/ CEO of ASIS Korea

KO KARU (Taekyung)

Karu Ko, one of the two original founder of ASIS brings relentless drive for innovation and passion for healthcare improvement to his role as the Chairman of ASIS Korea, and Head of Pharmaceutical business development. He has more than 10 years of experience in pharmaceutical business, working for one of the largest Pharmaceutical corporation in the world, specialized in Oncology and Rare disease. Prior to that, Ko Karu was a military man, and a aerospace engineer. He decides to establish ASIS because “here we can put our lives to something that’s much larger than our own self. By creating value for others, improving lives for the people and giving back to society we can find the purpose for our existence.”


– Aerospace Engineering at Inha University


– 2000-2005: Creative Brand Marketing, Publicis Emotion Korea

– 2005-2010: Oncology & Rare Disease BD, Sanofi Aventis Korea

– 2005-2010: CEO/Social Entrepreneur, Teamsquare

Asis Korea Co-Founder

Erika Huh – Pharma Business Expert

– Commercial Director, Alexion Pharma
– Country Manager, Synageva Korea
– Marketing Director, Genzyme-Sanofi
– Sales & Marketing, Norvatis Korea


Asis Korea Co-Founder

Kate Lee – Pharma Business Expert

– Head of Rare Disease, Sanofi Korea
– Head of Rare Disease, UCB Pharma
– Marketing, Bausch and Lomb
– EU Business Development, Daewoong Pharma
– Marketing, Norvatis Korea
– International Marketing, LG Life Sciences


Asis Korea Co-Founder

CH Lee – Education Business

– Specialist, International Study
– CEO, Uhak People
– RE Div., Nissei Japan
– BU, Hanwha Commercial


Asis Korea Co-Founder

Jerry Kim – Healthcare Supplement Business

– BD specialist, Consumer Healthcare
– Biz Director, Sanofi CHC Inno.
– RA/ NPD manager, Sanofi Korea
– Marketing/ RA, Nu Skin Korea
– International Marketing, YD Diagnostics


Asis Korea Co-Founder

SD Jin – Investor

– Venture Capitalist
– Co-founder, GTR Holdings
– MCN Business Director, IMCN Group
– Director, Nuricom Entertainment
– Commercial Director, MTNTV TV


Asis Korea Co-Founder

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Asis Korea Co-Founder

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Asis Korea Co-Founder

founder 8

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Asis Korea Co-Founder

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Asis Vietnam Founder

Chairwoman/ CEO of ASIS Vietnam


Nikki Nguyen, one of the two original founder of ASIS, along with Mr.Ko Taekyung – is the Chairwoman and CEO of ASIS Vietnam, a position she has held since the company’s establishment. Nikki was honored the title of 322 Scholar of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam – an honorary given to top researchers and students studying abroad presented by the State. She was personally received by the President and Prime minister of her mother country when she decided to migrate to Vietnam from the United States to build her career as a top young scholar. She served her tenure as head anchor for the Vietnam National news network VNA, and later assumed the role as the deputy Editor in Chief of the Vietnam Financial Review (an official State publication of the Ministry of Finance) where she published economics analysis and worked with high ranking economist and policy makers, she also served as deputy Editor in Chief of Robb Report magazine and Barcode magazine. Her journalism and economics background helped building her later career as a professional consultant for business development, go-to-market strategies, investment management for foreign direct investment where she launched a handful of multinational brands into Vietnam such as Johnson Controls, ABB, Honeywell, Tyco etc. She holds a seat at many corporations as an independent member of the BOD, with business fields span from Real Estate, Private Equity, Renewable Energy, Manufacturing and Heavy industry etc. Nikki has helped shaped the Vietnam’s up and coming startup ecosystem as the Global Master mentor of Wecreate (NGO), mentor of startup programs under the Ministry of Technology, Ministry of Commerce etc. She is believes her mission is to contribute to society and giving back to the community she came from by making knowledge within reach of the public; hence, she is a visiting professor at Vietnam’s top national universities as well as a regular lecturer at the U.S Embassy for its entrepreneurship education programs. Ms. Nguyen received her education in the U.S with a major in Economics, minor in Arts and Mathematics.


– Economics Major, Lake Forest, IL, USA

– Mathematics Minor, Lake Forest IL, USA

– Art Minor, Lake Forest IL, USA – 322 Scholar, 2010

– Fulbright program, 2015 


– 2009-2012: Chief News Anchor, National Television News

– 2010 – 2015: Deputy Editor in Chief of Vietnam Financial Review, Robb Report, Barcode

– 2011 – 2013: CEO IPMEDIA Jsc.,

– 2013 – 2019: Director Ipcoms Multimedia Jsc.,

– 2018 – 2019: COO IBS Jsc.,

– 2017 – 2020: CPO Veracity Ltd.,

– 2019 – 2020: Director (BOD), VGB

Asis Vietnam Co-Founder

Tien Nguyen

– IBS JSc., Chairman / CEO
– VietGlobe Beverages, Chairman
– Liberico, Chairman – Veracity, CEO


Asis Vietnam Co-Founder

Trang Nguyen

– DMC Asia, Head of Chinese Market



Third founder

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Local approach with international standard

When we decided to venture into Wellness field, we understand that Healthcare and Self-care isn’t just a means to make money, it’s something much larger than a business field – it’s a calling. We are inspired by this calling to everyday find our way to develop solutions that transform people’s life and help them attain their best, at their best. We operate by this compass, from top down, expecting each and every member of the ASIS crew keeps the integrity and standards for business behavior that shapes the entire system of managing and supervising an organization.
At ASIS, we have to operate in the local market in South East Asia, with ad hoc cases that vary from one culture to another one; while we need to keep our integrity and professionalism intact to match those of our esteemed partners who range from Multinational corporations, State agencies and Academic institutions, all of whom require nothing below top performance and most transparent conduct.


Trustworthy and Socially Responsible

We have been recognized as a trusted partner from these counterparts both from the public side to the private sector, international and local businesses alike because we can bridge the language, and culture gap between parties; understand local conduct as well as adhere to the professionalism standards that’s expected from a multinational corporations. We manage our people and our organization with the same philosophy – respecting the original values, traditions and local culture while bringing the best performance through a win-win, trustworthy and open, transparent attitude.






Sourcing &

At the core, our goal is to bridge the shortage gap and the large demand of the South East Asian market. This requires us to constantly source the best products possible from the international market to Vietnam, and verify the quality, product-market-fit, affordability and potential for licensing in. At the same time, we work avidly to find suitable product that are grown, manufactured in the local market that can be brought to international stage. Our background in business development help us in connecting with the right partners and suppliers as well as appraising the potential of a product based on profound market understanding to facilitate a fair, competitive and mutually beneficial trade agreement.

Import & Export

Our expertise in product sourcing and appraisal couple with our strategic location in both Hanoi, Vietnam and Seoul, Korea enables faster response, timely processing, and ensured delivery of import and export of goods. We proud ourselves on the ability to reach out to, persuade and negotiate with both international and Vietnamese counterparts. In turn, we can bring the best of both worlds closer together.

Business Dev

The biggest problem with emerging markets is the volatility and high barrier to entry where international brand cannot grasp the “local touch” and convert customers. When brand perception is not yet formed, the cost for market opening and education is too high with unsure return on investment rate. We can serve as a local host, from our familiarity with the language and culture, business conduct etc. we help opening new business opportunities through precise market activation initiatives with excellent execution that can bring brands and products closer to the local and erase the gap in cultural, language, behavior differences.


Business would be much easier if there’s no “lost in translation” issue, where brands can easily manage their message, and get the product information across a wide audience without friction. The local market with its uncertainties and volatilities in Vietnam comprises of 90% being SME (small and medium size enterprises) where 90% of them are micro-businesses. This requires businesses to localize themselves and evolve their traditional business model to suit the market they wish to make presence in. ASIS serves to fill in the gap for what’s needed to localize – from business modeling, go-to-market strategy, legal consultation etc. with our experience with international business conduct as well as working closely with local businesses and State agency to build a close-knitted relationship that’s built upon trust, transparency and a mutually-beneficial mindset.


Distribution &
network management

The distribution model is what sets ASIS apart with competition, we understand the core for any business is how fast we can provide products and services to the end customer and a core distribution network is the company’s vital asset. Our own distribution model of micro social sellers is exceptionally suitable for an up and coming market in South East Asia which focus on human interaction both online and offline. It also helps optimizing the initial cost of product introduction, and the speed of market response.

Marketing &

We pride ourselves in the ability to adapt to the age of digitalization – our founders have long worked in the field of Fintech, Social media, Programing and large TELCOs that allows us to be exposed to key personnel and tools specialized in modern trade. This allows the customer journey stay seamless whether moments of truths occur online or in the physical world, and each touch point is optimized.

What we offer to

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Market activation,
advocacy & edu

As a science-led company with a strong marketing background, we understand opening up an untapped market requires education, activation and crafting precise messages that can quickly create a demand for certain products and solutions. This could only be done with proper investment in marketing efforts. Our team of key personnel all come from business development and marketing background working in Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia etc. where the market is eager for new products and brand messages provided that the marketing activities are carried out with respect and consideration for local cultural habits and values.

New product development

 Research & Development

As stated previously, we like to think of ourselves as the connectors that can bridge in the gap of shortage between markets with a rich product portfolio in both pharmaceutical as well as self-care and consumer health goods. Apart from our partnerships with brands, we invest heavily in strategic connections with academic institutions and scientists that are at the forefront of researching and developing cutting edge technology in this field. This allows our product pipeline to be constantly expanding.




We are guided by our purpose for making high-quality and cutting-edge technological innovation in Pharmaceutical accessible to patients who need it coupled with helping local communities flourish with opportunities for new economic opportunities. We do that by focusing on advancing the introduction of novel treatments and medicine to patients through constant sourcing and R&D; at the same time, we work with local communities and suppliers to find products that are desired in the developed world that could be exported at competitive price.


Market strategy

Though the global pharmaceutical market is vast and promising, we prioritize making lives better for those with disadvantages, specifically emerging markets such as Vietnam and South East Asian countries alike where the booming population and rapid development brings alongside more pressing need for healthcare, while the market has not adjusted to receive high quality medicine and medical solutions. With our understanding of the local market, its behavior and connection with key strategic players in the industry, we can change people’s lives for the better by providing products that people can afford, and help making new age medicine more accessible to the public.

Product strategy

We are at a pivotal time in healthcare history as science has unbelievable leaps in technology and understanding of human health; but at the same time, pollution, modern live style and consumption also brings forth problems in chronic and new diseases. At, ASIS, we aim to build a broad portfolio of innovative and established medicine that is affordable for the general public with a focus on the most acute and widespread diseases such as oncology, respiratory, cardiac disease, obesity, immunization and inflammation, women & childcare etc. to address these urgent concerns.

Research for product innovation

Our business is built on obsession with modern science and the depth of research heritage, we apply new technology and innovation to the development of our Pharmaceutical as well as Consumer Healthcare. We focus on innovation that truly matter to our consumers, by keeping ourselves up to date with the most cutting-edge technology, affiliating ourselves with partners in esteemed academic institutions, R&D laboratories etc.


We have a wild dream of reviving the ancient wisdom of mystic Asia, where the land is filled with untapped natural resources and precious healing ingredients from the nature. Currently we are researching active ingredients that are plant-derived that could be implemented into standardized, contemporary, technologically advanced production that promise new innovation in modern medicine and healthcare.



The self-care and beauty business is booming in Vietnam and Asia Pacific, it is expected that by 2021 the beauty market will be almost 2.0 billion USD. Overall CAGR is 14%, but skin care is growing in CAGR 16.4% year-on-year, cosmetic is growing in CAGR at 16.9% for consecutive years while the market is still primitive and difficult to penetrate for international established brands. The East Asian market is fundamentally different where traditional distribution models do not provide the speed as well as the wide-spread awareness needed for a brand / product to be successful. The booming ecommerce gave birth to the idea of social sellers where each individual is considered a POS, and the market does not rely on traditional distribution (General trade).  As Influencers and individual direct sellers based on SNS and V-commerce marketplace are the most important key players in South East Asian market. Every brand is required to provide quick response, easy accessibility and its reputation including brand story, product information etc.


Market strategy

We focus on the emerging middle class that has become the driver for this emerging market’s continual growth. Economic growth, good education and income has increased awareness of social and health issues, which will in turn lead to responsible consumer behavior. The recent growth of this new group of middle-class consumers, who have left the constraints of poverty and have reached a new quality of life, however this still comes with challenges. One problem with the rapid development is the lack of consumer goods and distribution channels. The retail environment is still struggling for the changing consumer behavior, which creates price and quality problems. The bright side is this is an opportunity window to tap into the market in its introduction, and growth stage. We leverage our understanding of localities with superior product introduction strategies, building a strong network of direct distributors that can take care of individual clients, providing direct consultation for a more personalized shopping experience.

Product strategy

With our foundation laid in pharmaceutical business, we can leverage our understanding and connection to the pharmaceutical industry to create and source for top quality cosmeceuticals, that are researched and developed from the top academic institutions with proven results that can be backed with scientific research and real success stories. Our own brand Estime focuses on addressing the modern issues of skin aesthetics & health – pollution, early aging and solves these issues with the most advent derma technology helping active ingredients be absorbed into the skin at higher rate, speed and improve the skin from the cellular health. Our regenerative technology has received numerous international recognitions, scientific awards and is widely used in pharmaceutical industry as well.


We are building the most trustworthy partnership with each influencer and individual seller in Asia market to make a “shortcut” for brands to access the customer, as well as consumer can experience top quality products. The saved distribution margin reinvested to marketing, field education and channel maintenance to manage the consistent brand message. Quick and easy market test are available, and the brand is able to raise brand awareness without additional cost. ASIS brand marketer and direct sales network continuously manage the brand and support successful business expansion. We invite only individual sellers, influencers and discover potential candidates who have passion and possibility to become professional H&B consultants. Our ASIS Crews lead the upcoming H&B trends using ASIS products, occasional education and real time management system from ASIS. Our unique distribution network can help test and delivery the products to market at rocket speed. Trading products go through simple market testing to determine product potential and market reception for potential license-in process. Once a product has proven to be successful in local market, they will go through wide-spread market activation through local distribution and brand marketing.

Digitalization & V-commerce

ASIS is the best place to give great opportunity to build direct sales network both in on/offline. Our ASIS crew are not only influencers, they are also consultants, as well as excellent brand ambassadors & representatives ASIS provides detail services to our direct sales network from education, marketing to logistic service so that they can focus on what they do best, and what’s most needed – bringing great products to the people who desire it. With the growth of digitalization, it is impossible to ignore the virtual world of the internet, at ASIS we focus on building digital channels that can be replicated easily for each individual seller and building our V-commerce platform for the Asian market. We keep discovering potential creators and providing professional one-stop-shop management services to our future network from product pipelines, contents creation, promotion, education and to financial supporting.


We have two offices located in Seoul, Korea and Hanoi, Vietnam. For more information please contact us at:
ASIS Korea | 2F, 14, Jeungga-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, REPUBLIC OF KOREA | Email: karu@asiskorea.com
ASIS Vietnam | 267/50 Hoang Hoa Tham Str., Ba Dinh Distr., Hanoi, VIETNAM | Email: info@asisvietnam.com


The H&B (Health and Beauty) sector is the fastest growing sector in the wider retail industry – forecasted to grow by 16.5 per cent until 2023. Our focus in the H&B leans towards goods and services that facilitate curative, preventive, rehabilitative, and palliative care. Whether it is a cosmeceutical product that cares for the health and aesthetics of the skin, or it’s a dietary product that can help maintain an overall health performance of the human body, or medical equipment and devices they all belong to our portfolio as ASIS will provide of preventive, remedial, and therapeutic product & services. Especially in the Beauty and Dietary supplement sector, women consumers are becoming thirstier for these new products, and trends. Over half of Vietnam’s population are young people in the working age, more families are formed brings the need for self and family-care with women being at the frontier of spending and consumption.

(what & why)

The pharmaceutical business in Vietnam is large market with annual expenditure of over US$17 billion, equivalent to 6.6 percent of its GDP. However, this country along with other SEA nations still faces issues with overcrowding and under-budget hospitals, shortage of qualified physicians, variations of affordable and effective drugs, constant shortage of access to medical services, and specialized equipment even though the government continues to finance the construction of new hospitals, and encourages investment from the private sector and international firms. These changes mean that there will be more business opportunities in the healthcare sector in Vietnam in the upcoming years as only 10% of equipment is made locally, 55% medicines in Vietnam are imported. One of the reasons for Vietnam’s reliance on imports is that most domestic companies lack research and development capabilities, and do not meet the European Union Good Manufacturing Practice (EU-GMP) or Pharmaceutical Inspection Co-operation Scheme Good Manufacturing Practice (PIC/S-GMP) standards required to manufacture high-quality generic drugs. ASIS fills in the blank with our portfolio of ETC and OTC medicine ready to be licensed-in. We’re dedicated to collaborating with healthcare professionals to develop a broad portfolio of meaningful innovations that improve outcomes, reduce costs, increase efficiencies and—most importantly—help more people in more places around the world live longer, healthier lives.

(what & why)

For Beauty business, we try to meet the rapidly growing demand for skincare and self-care products in Vietnam. Though the need for Skincare is at its height, in the world and in South East Asia, women consumers are becoming thirstier for these new products, and trends. However, the low literacy is rampant because there is no proper channel of information that makes users difficult to access and use those products. Moreover, the current trend in skincare has made it a difficult science to master, with brands making their products more sophisticated, with strong active ingredients that require users to understand their skin, and the chemistry of product formulation. This literacy gap – brands have difficulties accessing the public consumer, educating the market while their product is far from reach and difficult to use. ASIS with its own distribution model consisting of micro social sellers and skilled consultants aims to create a culture of self-care through rapid market education, one-on-one consultation so that our top quality skincare and self-care products can not only bring results to users, but also affect their lives for the better through different consumption and self-care habits.



“True leadership arises in the process of keeping your vision and values always in eyesight and aligning each decision and every action to them” – Nikki Nguyen, ASIS Vietnam Chairwoman & CEO

At ASIS we are all about:

Leaders are owners – they own their work, their responsibilities and their time. They think long term and don’t sacrifice long-term value for short-term results.

– Earn Trust by Accountability
Accountability is the ability to “account” the success to the team and failure to oneself. Trust is needed in business and could only be built by evidence of accountability. Leaders listen attentively, speak candidly, and treat others respectfully.

– Bias for Action
Speed matters in business and in life. When a solution is needed, it is our job to deliver it at speed.

– Innovate and Simplify
True aces (top performers) are those that can find new ways to get things done, and simplify the process for easy access and faster results at lower cost.

– Knowledge Obsession
Leaders – our Aces are built upon the philosophy that as professionals as well as humans, we need to strive to be better at what we are, and what we do. We can accomplish that through constant knowledge hoarding. The main driver for our innovation is the evergreen hunger for knowledge and curiosity about the world and learning how it operates in order to make it a better place. It is the utmost humbleness that creates ingenious solutions.

– Insist on the Highest Standards
Our self-esteem should raise the bar of expectations for ourselves. We hold ourselves to high standards to deliver high quality products, services, and processes because we know this market desperately needs someone to raise the bar.

– Deliver Results
We know our job is not done, and do not retire ourselves until the results are delivered to those that require it. With our without setbacks, we rise to bring the best and never settle for less.

– Develop the Best Aces
Our people are Aces, they are also the backbone of our organization, our job is to find aces, retain them with fairness, kindness and win-win relationships. From that we can Develop these aces to be even better that their best to give the best of them to this world.

Human Centricity

We believe human life should be valued and cherished and wish to contribute to ensuring the future generations, helping to advance economic well-being of local communities while still preserving natural ecosystems and indigenous cultures.

Culture driven

We respect our own roots and values, which are deeply embedded in our culture. We commit to respect the foundation of our local culture, history and adhere to the ancient wisdom that guided us in this journey into the future.

art Technology

We foster an environment of innovation, aggressively finding solutions to transform new ideas into breakthrough products and services that create value for patients, customers and employees. Our efforts in research and co-development helps creating offerings that can be backed up with empirical studies and put into production under state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.


Global quality
Local approach

We adapt to change and act with speed, agility and accountability to further improve the wellbeing of our customers and people. We do that by respecting existing traditions and cultures, while still promoting new, and better way of conducting business up to global standards.

Fair trade

We contribute to the development of less developed regions of the world by increasing access to healthcare and selfcare, adhering to and raising standards, and by investing in market education, partner empowerment we can be the missing piece between more developed market with emerging economies. We are always looking for ways to better the cradle from which we have blossomed, providing fair trade working opportunities to localities, helping communities gain a better living condition while being able to export local products & services to other markets.


We strive for high performance to benefit our patients, customers and shareholders. We work collaboratively to pursue global opportunities that can make the world a bit flatter, easier to cross boarders of language, culture, economic barrier this can make us the most trustworthy partner of international organizations & corporations.

Reliability & Trust

We stand for sustainable development and commit to doing business in an economically, ecologically, trustworthy and socially responsible way. We understand that our partners, clients and affiliates are key to our own success and we do not plan to be successful alone. We need our counterparts to be successful in order for us to flourish. We can only accomplish that if we can form alliances based on win-win, ethical partnership with a long-term mindset.

Certification & Awards